Guidance and Psychological Counselling-EN

Cultural gaps caused by conflux of changes, changes in values and family structures, immigrations, increasing crime rates, economical problems, all cause challenges both for the society and the individuals. The necessity with respect to psychological services experienced by those individuals who need to adapt themselves to these above mentioned conditions and make decisions for themselves accordingly increase day by day. There are various professions in which individuals are trained to provide psychological services and one of them is Guidance and Psychological Counseling. In our program, we aim to train competent counselors who can fulfill the need schools have in terms of psychological counseling and who can work at health, social and industrial institutions. Requisite courses are accredited in our program. Also, it is planned to help our students to train themselves in various fields and become acknowledged in human and behavior sciences with the help of the elective courses.                 

 The aim of our program is to train our students as individuals who can provide psychological guidance competently, who are sensitive to social and educational problems, who can provide solutions and services, who can keep up with the literature on national and international level, who improve themselves all the time, who are faithful to both universal and professional ethical principles. Not only do the graduates of this program work at educational institutions, but also they work at any field where adaptation and developmental problems are experienced.