Preschool Teachers Training Program

The vision of our program is to contribute for the realization of gifted and talented individuals’ potential to the benefit of our country and humankind by training teachers for gifted and talented students who can think critically, who are open to innovations, who are creative, who have moral values and high motivation.
Rationale of Differentiated Program:
Each individual must have equal educational opportunities. This makes one of the basic human rights; but at this point it should be made clear that equal opportunity does not mean the same opportunity. This equal opportunity means to emphasize the equality of meeting the educational needs of students, because gifted students have different educational and instructional needs, and therefore, they are in need of a differentiated program. Although the contribution to society in all areas of human endeavor comes in large proportions from gifted population, the number of teachers trained to educate such students is very scarce. Therefore, the meeting of the educational needs of this kind of students gets very difficult.  Especially, this is very important for the gifted elementary students attending the first five grades, because the low motivation caused by the unmet educational and instructional needs may negatively influence the whole learning lives of these students and may cause them to face the danger of not being successful according to their potentials.
Our mission:
Here, in accordance with our vision and the above-mentioned rationale which brings up the absolute necessity of opening this program, we may list the goals of this program which also reflect our mission as follows:
a)   To train classroom teachers in a way that will enable them to raise gifted and talented students according to their characteristics, so as to make educational needs of the gifted and talented students be met satisfactorily, without making them feel any disappointment.
b)   To train teachers in a way that will enable them to make their students use their knowledge productively and creatively, to make them think critically, to make them understand themselves, to make them be conscious of their social responsibilities, to make them communicate with others healthily and make them to demonstrate healthy relationships; that is to say, to train teachers in a way that will enable them to make their students develop in all aspects.
c)   To process lessons and form contents in a way that will also make the candidate teachers be developed in all aspects, so as to make them raise students who may have qualities mentioned above.
d)   To start training the candidate classroom teachers at under graduate level and expand the length of education to four years, so as to make them reach the level of applying of what they have learned.
e) To make and disseminate research into the nature of giftedness, talents, and the education of gifted and talented children and their teachers.
Job opportunities for graduating students:
Students who complete our program can be appointed as classroom teachers at any state and private elementary schools or at elementary schools having gifted programs.  If our graduates meet the necessary conditions, they may also apply to the vacant positions for classroom teachers at Science and Art Centers.  They can also pursue advanced degrees and may become faculty members in the Departments of Gifted Education.